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reading my tech-related posts, some might get the impression that I have any idea what I'm doing

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Migrating my Home Assistant RasPi into a VM in my big chonkin tower server 🤞

Screw: ohhhhh nooooo I can’t go in there, someone cross-threaded that nut!
Drill: bet

Looking for buy-ins for my witch escort service: Hexes and Hoes

I think I walked up and down the same 5 aisles for like half an hour like, “um, um, UM, UMM!”

What a fool I was for thinking I could just *go* to Michael’s and get fall decor with no plan. A fool! A rube! A dunce! An ignoramus!

I bought the same brand of stroopwafels from a different store recently and they’re bigger, crispier, and not crumbly and dusty? These ones sit on my wider cups where the usual ones fall in. Does the other store buy up all the shitty ones?

Tonight I bestowed the nickname Bat Tongue upon a grouchy dwarf because, when attacked by a giant bat, he kicked it in the mouth and exploded its tongue, causing it to flee

e621 link, male suggestive 

Me: I’m not that much of a furry. Actually I’m barely a furry at all.

But then:

Me: oh lord oh fuck god shit rrrrrrghr rraararrhhghargrhrr arrahgarar

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(orc noises)