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When you pet a cat on the head and stretch their face out

^👁️ ᴥ 👁️^

Why is it impossible to find magnets that are adhesive on one side and grippy rubber on the other

lmaoing at the StackExchange question about why ChatGPT can’t play 20 questions

She wore a raspberry purée. A smoothie. She spilled her raspberry smoothie all over herself.

Stop it, Chillhop Essentials Summer Radio stream. I can’t control myself with that chunky polar bear guy in his swim trunks, I’ll blow a raspberry on his tummy

This is my home defense dildo. I have another one for concealed carry.

A stopper inserted into a tall, flat-topped hill is a butte plug

If he’s YOUR president, why’s he at MY nuclear disarmament summit? 😏

this made me stop and go forth and sin no more

Penis? You mean the slappa bappa stick? The swang ‘n’ swell? The wiggy woggy pocket doggy?

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(orc noises)