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check out this hot thiccamore

(my child saw this and immediately said "mama, butt." apple doesn't fall far, etc etc)

I need to add mention notifs to polarbot so I can ask it for more posts whenever I want


Love to discover a “small” thing you did in ignorance awhile ago is having much larger repercussions today

Every scene where Shirokuma drives a car will never not tickle me

Vibrating intensely as I watch DankPods put flash storage, an XL battery, and Bluetooth transmitter into an iPod

Vous really think someone would do that? Go on l’internette and parlez vous lies?

Imaginary meme: my cat looking studiously out the window, but the blinds are closed. Caption: “interesting”

I'll treat brands like people when they can bleed like people

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(orc noises)