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So far my day has been doing nothing but watching a chat debate over whether a customer’s issue is our fault or if it’s caused by their own unsupported workflow. This has simplified into questioning what their workflow even is and if it’s valid

I’m so sad I’m gonna watch video analyses of Beastars on YouTube so I won’t be so sad

Alright you English fucks, what do you mean mincemeat isn’t actually meat

*Meeting a gay couple* So who’s the front end developer and who’s the backend developer?

The year is 2049 and the future of mankind is in no way in peril
But there’s a skull and crossbones floating right over my head

Getting "the surgery" (cutting my head off and putting my brain and face in my chest to become a Blemmyes)

Anyone got any hobby recommendations for my cat? She needs a hobby besides looking at me, meowing at me, being pet by me, and being in the same room as me

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(orc noises)