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nsfw dream 

I had a dream I had 2 dicks, one right above the other, but the top one was the bigger and overall handsomer one. It was very surprising, like holy cow since when was this here?

Everyone says they love fucked up little scrungly guys until they see me under the overpass at 3 AM

If you die in the VR furry sex game you die for real

My moka pot needs to figure some things out. It’s always like

Nope :)
Nope :)
Nope :)
Nope :)

Fine Folks of Fedi: How did you start your career in a tech field?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in development (game, web, or software) and would love some advice!

What kind of training/experience do you have (or recommend)? Are certificates or coding boot camps well regarded? Did you start with an internship, or did you jump right in to a full-time position?

I'd be happy to learn from your experience!

(Boosts appreciated)

Fun fact: at the time, An & Al considered their invention a mere novelty and thought it would never supplant the traditional sex method of sticking your dick inside your partner’s dick. It would take years for “AnAl” sex techniques to become advanced enough for the new intercourse to become competitive, and its inventors sadly would not live to see it.

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