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This fly was harassing me so I gave it some of my buffalo chicken salad as a peace offering

It’s not very scary, it’s just this weird old guy speaking some other language

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My house is haunted by a specter, the specter of communism

All handheld electronics should have visible screws, lanyard/strap attachment points, and an ergonomic grip part with detents for your fingers

“DIP socket” sounds like a killer insult

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you’ll wanna sit down for this 

Avatardigrade: the Last Water-Bearbender

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! by Vengaboys is a framework for healthy communication before sexual encounters 

“If you’re alone and you need a friend, someone to make you forget your problems” (emotional outreach, reassurance, comfort)

“Just come along baby, take my hand, I’ll be your lover tonight” (proposition)

“This is what I wanna do” (verbal consent)

“Let’s have some fun” (enthusiastic reiteration of consent)

“One-on-one, just me and you” (establishing boundaries)

I’ve been singing Boom Boom Boom Boom (necromancer remix) all evening

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i could reveal the last digit of pi but certain people have been a bitch to me so i won't

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@matt boom boom boom boom, i love the day of doom. we’ll spend the night together, together in the tomb

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Boom boom boom boom, my friends were all exhumed. It's nothing super fancy, just basic necromancy

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(orc noises)