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Last night I accidentally deleted 2 smart bulbs from my home automation thing, and it turns out you need 1st party hardware to reset this particular brand of bulb once it’s been paired.

But then I learned about a dodgy python script that uses your USB RF dongle to basically brute force nearby bulbs and factory reset them, which I was able to successfully use after a few tries.

Cyberpunk future folks. Right here, right now.

my favorite new thing since I started playing minecraft again is the goats that just yeet themselves into the air

me: I'm so excited to finally begin this fun personal project after weeks of planning

me: you now have to purchase many materials and there will almost certainly be unforeseen difficulties


Is it still called taking a selfie if you’ve abolished the self?

Boy I’m glad I took all next week off so I can do… something

I've been looking at a lot of power outlets and now all I can see is their sad little ghost faces

In space, no one can hear you scream, but everyone can hear you be a big ol furry for cat aliens

It’s canon that while Ziller was in exile on a Culture station, he jerked off to VR porn because there were no other Chelgrians to fuck. Later he says he’s so desperate for sex, he’d sleep with the male Chelgrian ambassador even though he’s not gay

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Sucks that there’s no official art of the Chelgrians. Also why isn’t Ziller wearing pants

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@digiyote CJ Cherryh & her Chanur series about a feline race of spacefarers

Tell me, does Ringworld have a flashback where a certified wifeguy tiger alien gets tied up by his wife for kinky rope play sex?

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Suspiciously, Iain Banks had the Chelgrians, who are also a race of warlike tiger men except they’re tiger-taurs instead of bipedal

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The sci-fi author urge to invent a race of fursonas

No one told me there were tiger men in Ringworld

some days you're the twink, some days you're the twink obliterator

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(orc noises)