@lobo excellent choice for us normal non homo programmers. Or JSON: Just Straights Only, Nerds

@digiyote use TOML instead it means Titties Only My Love

Guys don’t use YAML it stands for You Are Man Lover

Fucking the Pillsbury Doughboy and turning him into the Pillsbury Breadman

Fans of (franchise) be like watch 6 seasons of an animated children’s show that aired 11 years ago on Cartoon Network it’s actually really good and explains everything

The can is out of propellant and you can still sorta see the original color. I did like 3 or 4 coats

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There’s a spider on my patio big enough that I feel like I should call them Sir

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Remember when Twitter verified then unverified Italian Elon Musk? 😢 All he did was send-a the calzone-a to space…

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(orc noises)