Finally a healthy heterosexual (full robot x lab grown human abomination) relationship in media

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What’s stopping the Gundams from dating the Evas except cowardice?

Playing an early morning game of “hide the crinkle toy under some towels” with my cat

If I never cut, strip, crimp, or melt a wire again it will be too soon

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Whoa I might finally finish my stupid custom cable project this weekend

It’s that magical time of year when it’s 60° in the morning and 95° by 3

I had an idea for a moth on a skull where the eye markings on the moths wings overlap with the eyes of the skull. It started to evolve into it's own sort of creature design as I went.

Blackberry preserves? Good for them! Although I’m not sure what their race has to do with it

I found a spherical 6.2-kilogram (14 lb) subcritical mass of plutonium 89 millimetres (3.5 in) in diameter known as the “demon core” in my child’s Halloween candy

There lives a certain man in a city far away
He has fangs and claws and his fur is long and gray
Most of the kids at school think he wants to eat them up
But his roommates know that he’s just an awkward pup
He was always hiding in the shadows trying not to make a scene
But to fight a mafia of lions was his destiny

Le-Le-Legoshi, virgin of the drama team
Rabbit or deer, he couldn’t decide
Le-Le-Legoshi, Beastars’ greatest love machine
Nobody told him he could be bi

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(orc noises)